Posted on 26 July 2017


We launch July's series of new clothing and jewellery thoroughly inspired by the art form of Ikebana. See The Kado Notes collection here, and shop our exclusive Mud Rock Ceramics series here. In this series of four images, we reinterpreted, broke the rules a little, and present our perspective of what deconstructed Ikebana could look like. 

Ikebana, also known as Kado (translated to mean 'the way of flowers'), is the Japanese art of flower arrangement that dates back to the 7th century when floral offerings were made at altars. 'Kado' forms one of the three classicial Japanese arts of refinement, along with 'Kodo' for incense appreciation and 'Chado' for tea and tea ceremony appreciation. 


The beauty of Ikebana lies in its disciplined art practice and emphasis on shape, line and form. The artist's intention behind each work is shown through the colour combinations, graceful lines and implied meaning of the arrangements. The structure of Ikebana arrangements can be based on a scalene triangle marked by three main points, usually twigs, considered in some schools to symbolise heaven, earth and man. 

Native practitioners of Ikebana find importance in the spiritual aspect of the art form, with some even practicing silence while making Ikebana. Kado is largely seen as a beautiful practice where nature and humanity are brought together. A way to slow down, bring a person closer to nature and in the process encourage patience and tolerance towards differences. It is believed that the practice of Kado brings relaxation for the mind, body and soul.  Shop The Kado Notes collection here.




Soon Lee is most honoured to feature the beautiful works of Singaporean ceramic studio Mud Rock. Founded by artists Ng Seok Har and Michelle Lim, who have together practiced ceramics professionally for over 10 years and have worked up a phenomenal list of commissioned, commercial and artistic works. 

With ceramic wares 100% hand made in their studio from scratch, the Mud Rock studio houses kilns, glaze laboratory and equipment which allows them to produce works, glaze formulas and even clay types for specific needs. This artisanal aspect of the studio is what makes them so special and sought after. 

The studio conducts workshops and sells ceramic wares direct to customers on appointment. We highly recommend picking up one-of-a-kind cups for your favourite tea, or selecting a special piece of art from their range of ornamental vessels on display. Visit them at

Shop our exclusive Mud Rock Ceramics series here

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