Sustainability & Slow Fashion

Posted on 09 June 2020


SUSTAINABILITY & SLOW FASHION –– In 2019, we changed our production model to one based off Pre-orders. Launching on preorders allows us the opportunity to produce specific sizes with the closest quantity estimation possible. This greatly reduces production wastage as every style is produced in spoken-for orders and most requested-for sizes

With a 100% on-demand production model, we hope to contribute in a first small step towards Sustainability in the fashion industry, inspired by the 'Slow Fashion' movement. 

What is Slow Fashion: "The widespread reaction to 'fast fashion'. It's thoughtful, intentional and holistic. It's also an argument for hitting brakes on excessive production, overcomplicated supply chains, and mindless consumption. The term was coined by Kate Fletcher, professor of Sustainability, Design, and Fashion at the University of the Arts London's Centre for Sustainable Fashion, after the 'slow food' movement grew popular."

Together with our intention to create beautiful styles that are hardwearing and easy to pull off, we commit to taking on this Sustainable journey further with continuous improvements made and meaningful actions taken. 

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