The Letter J Supply x Soon Lee

Posted on 30 May 2021


The Letter J Supply x Soon Lee –– Introducing 'Words', a two-piece collection.

An original-art collaboration with Singaporean artist Joanne Lim. For the first time, the artist applies her signature brush calligraphy art into fabric forms. 

The Word Artist | Joanne Lim
Singaporean artist Joanne runs well loved The Letter J Supply, a design studio that focuses on the art of words, producing original artworks, archival quality prints and made-to-order keepsakes. Joanne is drawn to the power of words. In her works, she imagines and expresses sentiments behind specific words that feature in her art, seeking to send beauty, encouragement and healing through her creations. Emotive and spontaneous, Joanne Lim's word art is best loved for its ability to connect and move hearts. 
The Collection 'Words'
For the first time, the artist applies her signature brush calligraphy art into fabric forms. Joanne likens words to seeds which take root in the mind, and over time, shaping thoughts and eventually turning them into realities. She hopes through this to inspire hope, love and joy to the wearer. 
In this collection, she creates two original art: Our Pleated Love Blouse features a playful, free-form interpretation of the word 'Love'. Treasured, the artist's first ever endeavour of such kind, interprets the word into literal graphic forms. 
The 'Words' collaboration goes live online Friday 04 June 2021, 11:00am.

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