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Posted on 08 August 2023

HERE COMES SPRING, August 2023 – An invitation to our grandest affair. Shop slow fashion with us for Lunar New Year 2024.

Introducing, our two special highlights: Literally carry your auspicious charms at Lunar New Year festivities when the time comes! Featuring the ever loved 'pineapple' in two cheerful beaded artworks bursting with lively pineapples. 

We first have the coastal inspired 'Ever Breezy' with it's calm waters and gold-hued pineapples symbolising smooth sailing journeys. On the other end of the colour spectrum, is the 'Pineapples Medley', an enthusiastic all-pink beaded canvas filled with the most colourful pineapples, to manifest abundance and happiness.

A celebration of harvest, changing of seasons and joyous reunions. This collection, you will see 8 new limited edition beaded crossbody bags and 2 embroidered pieces. 

Preorders for 'Here Comes Spring' launch Friday 18 August 2023 online on our website. Be sure to follow us as we continue to release first look of the collection through the week!


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