Your Word, as Art

Posted on 02 June 2021


The Letter J Supply x Soon Lee –– As part of our original-art collaboration with Singaporean artist Joanne Lim, a never before opportunity to commission your very own Word Art with the artist. 

For two weeks only, personalise your single-Word art with Joanne Lim. Here is how: (1) Think of a word that encapsulates you, and your vision for your life. (2) Make your purchase on our website. Indicate your 'word' at checkout page. (3) Your personalised artwork will be shipped to you in two weeks' time from day of purchase. 

The Art | 'What is your Word?'
With every Word the artist encounters, she wields her brushes and picks her colours spontaneously. The one thing that is consistent: An uplifting interpretation of every Word that comes through. Joanne likens words to seeds that take root in the mind, shaping our thoughts over time and in turn, moulding our external realities. She finds the idea of single-Word art meaningful and filled with life-altering potential. 
Be delighted by the surprise of how your chosen Word will turn out. Each piece of artwork is A4 sized, painted on archival quality paper, and priced at $70 each. Signed, and original one-of-a-kind works by Joanne Lim. 


The 'Word' collection goes live online Friday 04 June 2021, 11:00am. 



What is Your Word? | Deciding on your 'word'.
Through this collaboration journey, we fell completely in love with artist Joanne Lim's philosophy: She believes words have wonderfully transformative abilities, and likens them to seeds we sow in our minds and hearts. 
You could see your 'word' as a mantra and an affirmation. Pick a word you find an instant 'good feeling' towards. Something that brings you comfort, assurance and strength. Perhaps you are in the process of making changes in your life. Your word could act as a daily reminder, inspire actions. Or you could be in pursuit of achieving certain goals. Find the 'word' that keeps you on track.


Some ways you could use your 'Word': 
- Be mindful of your 'word' as you go about your daily life.
- Think about your Word. Reflect on it, check back on how you have been channeling your 'word' in your day-to-day life.
- Publish social media posts to encourage others to find their 'word' and seek positive elements in their lives together with you.


Here is a list of 40 awesome positive words to get you started: 
1. Begin
2. Calm
3. Flourish
4. Enough
5. Powerful
6. Love
7. Vitality
8. Adventure
9. Clarity
10. Successful
11. Focus 
12. Progress
13. Tenacious
14. Savour
15. Confidence
16. Surprise
17. Resourceful
18. Nurture
19. Grateful
20. Imagination
21. Trust
22. Present 
23. Glow
24. Discover
25. Nourishment
26. Fulfilment
27. Bliss
28. Tranquility
29. Courage
30. Purpose
31. Worthy
32. Original
33. Remarkable
34. Thrive
35. Heal
36. Expand
37. Curiosity
38. Wisdom
39. Abundance
40. Balance 



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